Tangible Storytelling

The information age has given way to commoditized visual expression - a mixing pot of what it means to be human. Although untrained in visual design, these works have been my exploration.

The Art of Everyday Life is a collaborative piece between me and one of my dearest friends. Our aim was to express our values in the seemingly mundane. Writing and photos are contributed by both parties, while design is my work. The images shared show only excerpts from the entire piece.

My Chapters, are journals of my emotions and subconscious - a collection of found images and personally writing that evokes the undefinable experience of a single emotion. They are a modern interpretation of a personal diary. Visually the work is oddly inspired by Keynote presentations (needed through out business school) and my fascination with the endlessness of the internet. They are meant to be massive printed scrolls the span walls.