A young man drawn silently towards the siren call of oblivion.  A river of cinematic images and sounds flowing into an ocean.  A yawning abyss.  A woman.  The last shot in this film could land someone in jail.

Cast Erik Jensen, Marta King, Daiva Z, Michael Harmon

Director & Screenwriter Sam Kuhn
Producer Austin Will
Exec. Prod Adam Saltzman
Cinematographer Fantavious Fritz
Light by Jackson Parrell
Art Director Sarah Miller

U.S.A. / 14 mins / 16mm / Color / 2015

Screenings Slamdance - Festival du Nouveau Cinema - Treefort Film Festival - EOFF - Maryland Film Festival - Rainier Independent Film Festival - Quarantine Film Festival - STIFF - CineVic - Tacoma Film Festival - Schnit International Short Film Festival

Press Filmmaker Magazine - BOOOOOOOOM - NoBudge

Awards NoBudge Best Editing - Film Pulse #2 Film of the Year -  "Single-hearted Effort In Search of the Miraculous in Cinema" (Quarantine)